Day 79 – 21 days ’til spring

How often do you hear good insurance stories?  Well, I’ve got one.

I have VSP vision care insurance that I get through work.  It costs me about $90 annually.  The insurance covers an annual exam and comes with an allowance for contacts and glasses.  A few days ago I went for an exam.  While there, I purchased enough contact lenses to last me at least a year (I don’t wear them daily).  My total cost for the exam and contacts was a $5 co-pay.  I didn’t even have to show a card or sign any forms.  All my info was on file.  I handed over a five-dollar bill and walked out with my prescription, a couple of boxes of contacts and the receipt for the total visit.  Why can’t all insurance be that simple?

Day 78 spending = $15.24 (groceries), $14.80 (home)

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