Day 19 – 81 days ‘ til spring

I actually did some shopping back on Black Friday.  The online vitamin retailer, Puritan’s Pride, where I buy my vitamins, was having a holiday sale.

Recently, some reports have been questioning the effectiveness of vitamins.  For example, one story stated that multi-vitamins are not a cure for heart disease.  Gee, I wonder how much money was spent to figure that out?  I’m sure there are people out there who sit around all day playing video games, eating Doritos and drinking Diet Pepsi then take a vitamin and consider themselves healthy.  Vitamins aren’t meant to be a cure.  That’s why they are called supplements.  They are intended to supplement diet and exercise to create a healthy lifestyle.

I regularly take vitamin C, glucosamine and fish oil.  I often include vitamin D, a multi-vitamin and vegetable supplements in my handful of daily pills.  With some deep discounts, I purchased a year’s supply for $59.94 (with free shipping).

Saturday = no-spend day #8

Regardless of those reports of ineffectiveness, for less than $.17 per day I’ll take the chance that something in that mix is doing me some good.

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