Day 97 – 3 days ’til spring

Have you ever read any of those articles where they try to scare people who aren’t saving enough for retirement?  The writers warn that you might end up living on macaroni and cheese in your old age.  That’s not much of a threat to me.

I like Craft macaroni and cheese and often buy it when it’s on sale for under $1.  Add some tuna and bread crumbs and it’s practically a gourmet meal.  I also like Campbell’s tomato soup on cold day.  There are other days where I crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Egg and cheese biscuits have become another cheap favorite.  Anyone have any other suggestions of cheap comfort foods I can add to my poor-old-man diet?

A bigger threat would be telling me that I can’t have those things when I get to retirement.  Now Ramen Noodles, that’s another story.

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2 Responses to Day 97 – 3 days ’til spring

  1. Lisa says:

    Big ole bag o’ frozen peas will spruce up that Mac n cheese (it’s kraft actually) last forever and fit right into any budget.

    • Mike Miller says:

      Lisa, while I appreciate your green suggestion on St. Patrick’s Day, we all know that peas ain’t gonna be mucking up my mac n cheese or any other meal I might be eating.

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