Spring + 1

It’s time once again for some gratitude.  Thanks to everyone who hung in there all winter long and especially to those who played along with comments, ideas and suggestions.

I can’t believe I made it through another winter without missing a single day.  One reason for this was my hunch to keep a winter storm list.  Because it was such an active winter, more than 25% of the posts were about “weather events.”

I started back in December with a goal of having 40 no-spend days.  I far exceeded that goal coming in with a total of 51.  Yes, for more than half of the winter I did not have any out-of-pocket expenses.  Again, I think the weather had something to do with that.  There were several days where the only reason I left the house was to shovel snow.

On the other hand, the total amount I spent during these past 100 days exceeded the amount of past years.  This was due to several purchases from my wish list.  During this period I purchased a TV, toaster oven, blender, bed sheets and a comforter.  Certainly not major extravagances.  The good news is that I only paid $518 for those five items.  The really good news is that I earned more than that through extra freelance jobs.

So, this is the chief cheapster signing off.  Thanks again and here’s wishing you a warm and sunny spring!

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5 Responses to Spring + 1

  1. Bob says:

    Cindy and I thought this was the best year yet, Mike. Your sister especially liked the fact that you branched out a little beyond the financial stuff, delving more into observational-type entries on anything that caught your attention. She and I found those to be both informational and entertaining. All in all, a great year. We’ll miss waking up every day to our daily dose of Mike. And on a personal note, “99 Days of Cheap” absolutely helps get me through the winter. I can’t wait for next year’s edition!

  2. Dodie says:

    You did us all a great service. Thank you for giving me some e-mail that I actually look forward to opening. Have a happy spring.

  3. Kevin says:

    Nicely done
    Creeks are swollen and probably will be awhile
    Looking forward

  4. valerieabuck says:

    Thanks Mike. Hope to hear more next year.

  5. Michelle says:

    Once again Mike, thanks for helping get me through the hibernation months of winter.

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