Another Winter

I’ve been getting some inquiries about the return of this blog. Well, after four seasons without missing a day, I regret to report that there will be no blog this winter.

My distaste for winter still remains and I will certainly continue my own style of cheapness. I just don’t feel that I have anything unique to offer for another 100 days. For those who have played along for all four years, by now you know all about the key days marked on my calendar. And what had once been challenges have now become habits. So, instead of lying in bed wondering what to write about, I think I’ll just lie in bed. I’ll still be doing my own personal countdown and I may check in with a post if I find a spark of motivation. If anyone is inexplicably going through withdrawal, the archives are also available.

For those wishing to continue the tradition on your own, the countdown starts Wednesday, December 10, 2014 and ends March 20, 2015 with the arrival of spring.

Be frugal, feel gratitude and stay warm!

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3 Responses to Another Winter

  1. Beki says:

    I’ll miss your daily check-in. It reassured me you were alive and well. Take care, batten down the hatches. See you in Spring.

  2. Bob Germaux says:

    Cindy and I will miss the blog, of course, but we understand your reasoning for not continuing it. We’ll just look forward to the occasional posting when the mood hits you. A little bit of Mike in the morning is better than none at all.

  3. Lisa says:

    will surely miss the morning’ Joe!

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