I hate winter!  Most people who know me are quite aware of this.  For several years I’ve been letting everyone around me know about this hatred through my annual 100 day countdown to spring.  Then, back in December of 2009, I ran into a few of those unexpected financial hurdles that seem to appear in everyone’s life at some point.  As winter approached, I came up with the idea to combine my cold-weather loathing with a plan to overcome my monetary woes.  This plan became known as the 99 Days of Cheap.  My hope was that I could somehow turn these two negatives of my life into a positive. As the winter progressed I developed a new sense of cheapness.  I sacrificed, learned some things, made mistakes and even managed to have some fun.  At the end of the season I found that I had set myself up financially for what was one of my most successful years of my life.

A couple of years ago while preparing for another countdown, I made the decision to open up the process to public scrutiny by creating this blog.  For three winters I’ve been writing about my miserly methods along with ample complaints about the weather.  It’s my hope that someday I’ll either be financially independent or spending my winters somewhere warm.  Alas, another year has passed and I’ve yet to achieve either of those goals. So, on December 11, 2013, I will begin the long winter’s 99 day journey to spring.

Yes, this is another one of those blogs about money conceived by someone who probably has no business writing about money.  I didn’t create this with the thought of expounding any great nuggets of wisdom.  I’m merely sharing my experiences with the hope that you may find them enlightening, motivating or, at least, amusing.


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